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An In Depth Interview

1.  Tell us about your childhood growing up, where from, etc.
My German father and Mexican mother met in Los Angeles, California, and shortly after they married, they moved to Boise, Idaho. I was born and raised in Boise.  I went to catholic school all the way through high school. Since my parents had family abroad, I traveled a lot when I was a kid. I have one older brother who currently lives in Seattle.
2.  When did you feel or notice you were different with your gender?
Actually, I cannot recall a time when I didn’t feel there was an issue with my gender.  Ever since I can remember, I knew I was supposed to be a girl. This is not to say that I was unhappy being a little boy – I mean, I enjoyed it – but I was always longing to be one of the girls as well, and to be allowed to do the things that girls did, and especially to wear the clothes that girls did. Of course, I learned quickly that wanting to be a girl and wearing girls clothes was strictly off-limits and shameful in my social world.
3.  What was your first sexual experience like?
My brother had dated a girl his senior year of high school. The following year, he was away at college. Well, this ex girlfriend of his, who was one grade ahead of me, asked me to homecoming dance. It was kind of funny – she came to pick me up and we went through the motions for my mom, but we never went to the dance. Instead, we went to her house and got drunk on Peppermint Schnapps. I fucked her for a long time in her basement. I just kept fucking her, and she asked if I was ever going to come, and I was like I don’t know ha ha. It was my first time ever having sex and all I could think about was how good it felt !! Later that night, she went to bed and her brother and I got more drunk with a different girl. Then he and I fucked her in the same room where I had lost my virginity hours earlier.  It was an epic night.  Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn that this sort of experience is rare – for a second, I had envisioned every weekend from then on into the future being filled with such delightful escapades.
4.  At what age did you start transitioning, tell us about the first time you dressed as a female?
I always dressed as a girl whenever I could.  For example, if I was home alone, I’d sneak into the laundry room or my mother’s closet and try everything on. Basically, any time I had access to any piece of girls clothing, I would get really excited about it and literally had to try it on.  Later in life, when I began living on my own, far away from my parents, I started to purchase girls clothes for myself and venture outside all dressed up.
5.  Sexually as Kelli what do you enjoy the most and dislike the most?
I love being with couples. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because it provides a level of comfort, as if there’s a fabric of familiar relational trust that provides a context for our activities.  Plus, obviously, it’s the best of both worlds – access to both pussy and cock, female softness and male strength.  I love getting fucked in the ass.  I just love it.  I also love licking pussy and sucking dick. I used to prefer being with girls, but nowadays that’s kinda rare and it’s difficult to hang with bio girls in a sexual way without falling into a male female role division, with me being the male, which makes me extremely uncomfortable.  So now I’m pretty much with guys only. But I still love girls!
6.  What is the average day for kelli like?
I have a day job and I’m active in my community.  I’m not scared of ppl finding out that I do porn, but I’m certainly not going around telling everyone about it. My job is in an office, and it’s mostly boring but I love the benefits and steady paycheck. Also I have free gym access at work, so I usually work out at the end of the day before heading home. I drink lots of tea, and I eat very cleanly: avoiding meat, dairy, dough, gmo’s, artificial colors and sweeteners, etc. I love to garden and cook, so in my spare time I’m probably watching the hummingbirds or making a vegan curry from scratch!
7.  What made you decide to do your first porn shoot?  Who was it for and describe how it went from planning to the ending?
I started modeling in college for art classes.  I loved it, and I was good at it.  I was a boy then, but it was obvious that there was something feminine about my body and the poses I used.  Anyway’s, a few years ago, after I started to transition, I wanted to get back into modeling.  So I talked to a photographer friend of mine, we did a shoot just for fun, and I made a profile on Model Mayhem. I started getting work through that site, and it was great. One day, Radius Dark found me and asked if I’d be interested in a porn shoot. We did it, and that’s when Kelli Lox was born. The shoot itself was a lot of fun – Radius and I get along and are friends to this day.  But now that I look at that first shoot, it’s kind embarrassing ! lol I was so nervous and my hair and makeup were atrocious!
8.  What is something that your fans probably don’t know about you?
I’m an inter dimensional being.  I barely exist in this dimension. I am from the next one over, which is a staggering distance of a billionth of a millimeter away from this one. That’s why I can’t take anything seriously.
9.  Are you interested sexually in females?  Tell why?
Yes I am, but when I’m with a girl, I often end up “being the guy” and I hate that. Other than that, yes, I love fucking around with girls whenever I can! I especially enjoy making out with girls in front of guys. heehawed. it’s such a turn on!
10.  What is a guilty pleasure for you?
. My favorite liqueur is St.Ger main, my favorite liquor is vodka, and I’m a beer connoisseur.  Sometimes I smoke tobacco, especially if I’ve been drinking. I can’t think of anything else that I do that I feel remotely guilty about. lol
11.  You recently shot for tell us about the shoot?
The ShemaleStrokers shoot was one of the funniest things I have ever done. Sammy has a kind of artistic, kinky, and personal storytelling style that I liked immediately. I actually had lines, and blocking – I was being asked to act!  It was great.  You can tell just by glancing at the photos that I was super into it. I can’t wait to work with him again! Maybe next time it will be a hardcore shoot -who knows?
12.  What part of a man’s body do you most enjoy and why?
I love it when a man places his hand on the small of my back. I love wrapping my arms over his strong shoulders and around his neck. I love when he kisses my neck and sucks on my nipples. I love when he’s sucking my cock and I run my fingers through his hair.
13.  Do you watch “straight” porn?  If so what type and what is your biggest turn on?
Yes I do.  I love skinny girls with cute feet!
14.  If you could shoot with any mainstream pornstar who would it be and why?
Well, from a career standpoint, I’d love to work with anyone who could open me up to new audiences and expand my fan base, because that would lead to more high-paying work. But on a more personal level, I aim to work with ppl who I genuinely like.  It would be a challenge for me to work with someone who I rally don’t like.  But from what I’ve experienced so far, ppl are generally cool – although there is some ego-parading and superiority-complex’ing that makes me roll my eyes from time to time.
15.  What social media sites can people find you on?
I’m on twitter ( ), facebook (, and youtube ( ).  Twitter makes it really easy to interact with fans, so right now, I’m spending most of my time there.  I post lots of pics and talk about whatever I’m up to at the moment. It’s fun!  Of course check out .
16.  What do you wish to accomplish with your new career in Adult Entertainment?
I want to make money and have fun.  So far, I’ve met a lot of great ppl and racked up my share of stories to tell if I ever want to impress anyone. At the bottom of everything, however, I’m an artist, and I’ve tried music, photography, acting, drawing, writing, graphic design, etc. and nothing has ever really panned out.  This venture, however, is going very well! So I’m going to take it wherever it leads.
17.  Anything upcoming you want to tell your readers?
I really don’t have anything scheduled right now, except for a possible shoot with Joanna Jet in London while I’m touring Europe in July. I need an agent lol.  In the meantime, find me, where I do cam shows most Tuesday nights, and see me dance at Divas SF on Wednesday nights.  I’d love to give you a lap dance and maybe make you cum right in your pants! mmmmm!    
18.  What would you like to leave us with for now?
We spend so much of our lives seeking the light at the end of the tunnel that it’s sad. And it’s stupid. It prevents us from identifying opportunities where we can be the light at the end of someone else’s tunnel. That’s why I say “instead of seeking the light, seek to be the light.” And that’s exactly how I’m doing it this time around… kisses !!!!!!

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