Red Wine, Porn, and a Wedding

I’m drinking a glass of red wine as i sit here in my kitchen. I’m wearing gray capri sweat pants and a pinkish purple t shirt. bare feet. my nails are painted a salmon pink. my panties are pink&purple stripes with lace edges. i’m not wearing a bra. my hair is up in a ponytail and my bangs are tucked behind my right ear.

i just bought my plane ticket to Burbank. i’m heading down there friday morning for a hardcore shoot with Devils Films. It’s gonna be great! i don’t know who the male talent will be yet, but it will be a hardcore scene for the ‘americas next top tranny’ series.  Then my cousin is getting married on Saturday in Palos Verdes. That’s gonna be fun, too! I don’t hang around my LA cousins enough. So it will be good to see everyone.  Plus, i have this beautiful (very simple but fun and elegant) dress that i can’t wait to wear!! i’ll post a pic if i remember to, k?

My cousins in Socal are great. Mostly from my mom’s side of the family. Her parents lived in Pomona when i was a kid and i remember driving down from Idaho every summer to visit them. Anyways, a lot of the aunts and uncles and some of the cousins still know me as a boy !! So they will certainly be like “who’s that girl?” and i’ll be like “wha? you don’t recognize me?” Classic. Should be fun.

Sometimes, ppl expect some sort of gaudy tranny, like with facial stubble, red lipstick, fishnets, a bad wig, and pointy red pumps and a black leather miniskirt. HAha!! i guess you can’t blame them – it’s been a running joke in our culture. But then they finally see me and they’re like “um…wait, she looks like a normal girl” and i’m like “yeah, duh!” lol.

Anyways, i got my hair dyed again yesterday. The purple and blue were fading out!!!  i can’t let that happen lol. The girl who does my hair is way cool. I usually go to her salon but yesterday she came to my house instead. That way, we could get really high and fuck around on my stripper pole. She taught me a few things !!! i was looking at her in her underwear (you don’t pole dance wearing jeans) and bra and i thought to myself “i have GOT to fuck this girl” but she just recently got engaged so i didn’t say anything. i mean, we hugged and cuddled and stuff but we didn’t make out or anything.

I met her years ago when i played drums in a funk/ska band in Vallejo. She was going out with the guitarist. Anyways, i texted her today and told her what i had been thinking when she was here. I said “you got my boy juices flowing.” i know that sounds funny, but sometimes it happens: a girl is so hot and i’m so attracted to her that some boy hormones start pulsing through my veins and there is this terrible, deep need to fuck her hard and good. you know what i mean? and at those times i remember what being a boy feels like.

On that note, it’s probably a good time to mention that i have an interview with soon. I hope to get cast for their TSpussyhunters series. You want to see me fuck girls. I know you do.

Well, i should prolly wrap this up. Tomorrow i have a date with a sweetheart of mine. ( he used to be just another fan – now he’s a sweetheart!!! ) and thursday i have an interview with and then the shoot on friday, of course, and the wedding on saturday. Don’t forget to friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter, subscribe on youtube, listen to my songs on soundcloud, and most importantly, to dream of having me in your bed, all to yourself. ~kisses

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