Morning Ballet Workout

barre_arch barre_collage barre_face barre_hair

I love ballet. I don’t take classes or perform anymore, but i still do barre as part of my workout routine. This morning, as i got into my cute leotard, tights, ballet skirt, slippers, and legwarmers, i thought you guys might want to see. So i snapped a few pics for ya. Have you ever heard ppl say that someone has “a dancer’s body” ? There is such a thing. Conventional workouts add muscle mass, but ballet (and pilates) have major balance, extension, and musicality components that elongate the muscles and result in long visual lines throughout the limbs, and graceful, toned curves all over the body. All the strength without the bulk. And plus, it’s really fun. And i get to wear such lovely lycra bodywear, it’s real turn on for me. What about you?

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