awards season and stuff

I had so much fun in Las Vegas at the AVN expo and awards show. I met lots of cool people, got to sign autographs and meet fans, and i had 2 shoots as well. I was late to the red carpet, lol i was seriously one of the last people to walk it before it closed down. I dunno it just took me longer to get ready than i thought it would. My stylist came later than we had originally planned and so i was just running late. I made several new friends, including Ramon from ikillitTS and Johsh from trans500, as well as Tiffany Starr, Aubrey Kate, Tyra Scott and more. I also met the beautiful and charming Sarina Valentina. I also go to work with Damien Cain. All in all it was an epic trip and i didnt want to leave but my liver was glad that i did. I felt pretty wrecked when i got home lol.

Then i was off to Hollywood for the Xbiz awards show. This time i got to the red carpet in a timely fashion lol. I saw lots of my SF bay area homies, including James Darling, Courtney Trouble, and Venus Lux. I also met Christianxxx for teh first time – he was super nice and gave me a bug hug. I also met Souxsie Q of the Whorecast, and April Flores, and Ron Jeremy. Ron fondled my breasts so that was pretty cool. Oh i also met Peter Warren – i’ve followed him on twitter since i started and i think he’s super funny. Once inside the awards show I sat next to Peter Le of He and his friend were so friendly and they kept pouring me vodka drinks. That was a fun night. The next morning i swam in the pool and drank bloody marys. Before i left LA, i did a shoot and interview with Dave Naz. It was really fun – he’s a great person!

Anyways, i left a lot of details out, because seriously, who wants to hear about me doing drugs, getting drunk and having sex in hotel rooms and gambling with other ppl’s money and .. well, you get the picture lol.

Ok, i’ll try to blog here more often. I think sometimes i don’t know who my audience is here, so i don’t know exactly what to write. Can i talk about whatever i want or is this mainly to update my fans on any of my recent porn releases? or both? or a little bit of both and a whole lot of neither?  lol i dunno. follow me on twitter. That’s where i’m at my weirdest.  kisses~~~~~~~kelli <3

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