(Los Angeles, California)  Andi Scribe of has interviewed Transsexual Starlet Kelli Lox.  In this chat Kelli opens up about getting into Porn, working in the Trans genre and the success of “Real Fucking Girls” DVD  which she stars in.  Fans of Lox will enjoy not only getting to know more about her but how her Industry peers can help promote the Trans genre and or Trans performers.  Scribe really steps outside of the normal “How did you get into Porn” questions and gets into Kelli Lox the performer and how she perceives her role in Porn.  Read the entire Interview here:
When asked about the role of Trans activism in Porn, Kelli replies “My take on my own activism, personally, has been that I don’t need to prepare a statement or promote any viewpoint or position. I have remained visible when others told me to hide, insisted on being included when others attempted to erase me, stood up when others were too scared to, and – just being visible and never letting the big bad world scare me away, that’s enough to ask of one person, because that’s really hard. It has been really hard. So, I don’t put pressure on myself to be “an activist” or “political.” My continued existence every day here on this planet is political.
So far this year Lox has starred in such DVD”s as “TS Pussy Hunters 3″, shot for websites and  She also recently shot for Evil Angel for a new DVD project coming out soon.

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