the week from awesome land

It all started last thursday. i went to the Kimock concert in the city. my date was a cute guy who i actually met online (he was just another fan, until we met up, and now we’re friends!). The concert was amazing. Bobby showed up and played the whole second set – it was great!! Afterwards, i said bye to my date and to the new friends i had made, and made it home in time to grab a few hours of sleep. The next morning, i flew into Utah for my skiing trip. A few of our crew rented a huge cabin together. We hit Powder Mountain on the first day, and the snow kinda sucked. it was too warm and sticky :-(   We ended up having beers at the lodge :-) the next day we went to Snowbasin. it was awesome.

When i got back to California, home sweet home, it was time to pack and get ready for my trip to Los Angeles. I picked up my rental car and drove to Van Nuys, and slept at my cousin’s place. The next morning i drove to my Evil Angels shoot in the Hollywood hillls.

The shoot starts with me playing soccer at the park. It’s awesome. But the real fun starts when i stop to sit down in the bleachers, for a drink of water, oops!! i accidentally spill it all over myself, actually down my front, all over my spandex sports bra, but it feels good… you know?? So i pour a little more and rub it all over my breasts…mmmm

Of course, you want to know about the part where i go home and my friend comes over and fucks me hard in several positions and comes all over my face? yeah, do you think i came all over his face, too? Well, you’ll have to find out !!

So i got to hang with my cousins, star in my first hardcore shoot, and spend a couple of fun days in LA, after a fantastic ski trip in Utah, preceded by a kick-ass concert in the City. And i exceeded 1,000 followers on twitter. I’d call that an awesome week.




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